Carbon And Aramid Are Different Fibers

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Failure mode is brittle after the carbon fiber reinforced plastics (the structure of small deformation, high elastic modulus, elongation of carbon cloth), there is no obvious symptoms, so as the structural design, large safety factor must be used. And aramid fiber cloth, low elastic modulus, elongation, through the experiment proves that the destroyed the plain concrete member after outsourcing with aramid fiber cloth reinforcing, load again, the failure process is still plastic. Therefore, the high elastic and high tensile forces based on carbon fiber can withstand long-term static load, which is the most prominent feature, which can be used in the field of stable housing reinforcement. In the case of the dynamic load and local impact, the ductility reinforcement is used to vibrate the high frequency of the daoqiao area. The fiber material of aramid fiber is the best choice.

Aramid fiber non-conductive, so in the subway, electricity facilities, such as industrial workshop more structure, using carbon fiber sheet (CFS) is obviously not appropriate, in addition, the carbon fiber used in reinforcing concrete structure, it is important to ensure that its isolation and rc to prevent electrochemical corrosion, and use of aramid fiber is not restricted by this condition. When the structure of general construction is strengthened, carbon fiber has obvious advantages in tensile strength and elastic modulus.

To sum up, when choosing these two kinds of material to reinforce, determine the application field is the key, as determined by computing both meet the required performance indicators, travel through the time limit for a project, the cost is to determine what kind of is the best reinforcement scheme selection, attain the ultimate goal of security escort structure.

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