Quality Discrimination Of Carbon Fiber Cloth

- Sep 29, 2017 -

First to quality, there are many manufacturers with basalt fiber, aramid fiber with black to pretend to be carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth. Can cause project quality is unqualified, so must first learn to identify the carbon fiber, simple say good carbon fiber bundle is black, burn it, won't curly, would be as red as fine wire, with the hand touch smooth and soft light, tow evenly, conductive performance is good.

Second, the quality of carbon fiber paste, the construction of carbon fiber construction acceptance specification and party a can borrow from the construction party. Ensure the quality of the paste is qualified.

Third, carbon fiber is tensile strength, its tensile strength is very large, anti - fold, anti-bending effect, as it says on the curve fold.

Fourthly, carbon fiber paste should be covered with anti-corrosion mortar, and prolonged drying will affect the life of carbon fiber cloth.

Carbon fiber cloth reinforcing principle is: the form a complete set of high-performance carbon fiber resin dipping adhesive on the surface of the concrete members, with good tensile strength of carbon fibre material, the achieve the enhancement purpose to the bearing capacity of components and strength.

Carbon fiber cloth is also called the carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber, carbon fiber woven cloth presoak cloth, carbon fiber reinforced cloth, carbon cloth, carbon fiber fabric, carbon fiber, carbon fiber sheet (presoak cloth), etc. Carbon fiber reinforced fabric is a one-way carbon fiber reinforced product, usually made of 12K carbon fiber.

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