New Progress In Lft-d Technology

- Sep 29, 2017 -

1. Zhengzhou feathering new material co., LTD. Has introduced the thermoplastic composite material lft-d car air conditioner bottom shell

During the just-concluded AMTS period in Shanghai, zhengzhou feathering new materials co., ltd. introduced a thermoplastic composite material lft-d car air conditioning subshell, which was introduced to lightweight the vehicle air conditioning by introducing composite materials. Lft-d fiber length is longer, obviously improve the mechanical properties of the products, better than stiffness and higher than strength, good impact resistance, especially suitable for the application of auto parts.

2. The research and development of LFT - D thermoplastic composites of shandong grui group co., LTD

In early October, 2016, shandong, rhett group co., LTD. And the Chinese academy of sciences changchun institute of applied chemistry and mechanical science research institute of research and development of successful cooperation LFT fell - D type thermoplastic composite panels, therefore received a large number of orders, successively with chery automobile co., LTD., Shanghai universal new energy bus co., LTD and other companies signed a sales contract. Lft-d battery cover has the advantage of recyclable and reusable, which is 60% lighter than aluminum, and 40% lighter than the ordinary SMC composite material, which can increase the mileage of new energy vehicles by 30km.

The first batch of samples was completed by double - tech fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material molding equipment (lft-d)

In early November 2016, the long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material molding equipment (lft-d) of shandong shuangyi technology co., ltd. was in the experimental production phase. After repeated practice training, the first sample test was completed.

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