PP inside and Outside the Car Features and Applications

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Automotive interior and exterior parts commonly used plastic mainly PP class, PU class, ABS class (including ABS and PC + ABS), PE class, PA class and POM, etc., of which a large amount of PP-based materials

PP Chinese name of polypropylene, propylene monomer by free radical polymerization of polymers. It is an odorless, tasteless, high density, side chain free, highly crystalline, milky white linear polymer. It is also a considerable amount of plastic parts inside and outside the plastic material.


1) low density (very light plastic), light weight;

2) Water absorption less than 0.02%, almost completely free from water erosion;

3) high impact strength, processing fluidity, easy molding, good appearance quality products;

4) rich sources of raw materials, cheap;

5) good temperature resistance (but poor thermal deformation capacity);

6) good chemical resistance.


Low temperature environment is brittle and weathering aging performance is poor (can be modified, adding additives and other ways to improve);

Crystalline materials, larger shrinkage, poor dimensional stability.


The main parts for PP materials are parts body, such as dashboard body, auxiliary dashboard body, glove box, storage box, door guard body, pillar guard body, threshold pressure plate, seat guard, trunk guard , Passenger armrests, front / rear bumper skin, side skirt guard, front windshield trim, fender and more.

Fiber reinforced PP materials with high rigidity, especially the long glass fiber reinforced glass fiber mat and modified, the use of more structural parts to replace the metal-based, used in the spare tire compartment, the seat frame, the door module Other components

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