Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Advantage

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT), referred to as the LFT, refers to the length of 5mm or more glass fiber reinforced composite material (LFT), has good formability, by injection molding, extrusion and more The process of molding, forming plastic molding fluidity is good, can be molded under lower pressure, forming complex shape of the product, the apparent quality of the product is also better than GMT, while the cost of LFT larger than the GMT The advantages. LFT most used matrix resin is PP, followed by PA, but also the use of PBT, PPS, SAN and other resins. It is worth mentioning that, for different resins need to use different fibers, can achieve better results.

Long glass fiber reinforced plastic advantages (compared with short glass fiber reinforced plastic)

Maintains high rigidity at higher temperatures

High and low temperature to maintain high toughness

Shrinkage is small, warping is small

Small creep

Good chemical resistance

Linear thermal expansion coefficient close to the metal

System integration costs low

At present, the main difficulty of long glass fiber reinforced plastic lies in the problem of dispersion. The most important point of this dispersion problem lies in the mold and die, which makes the long glass fiber reinforced plastic have a high degree of infiltration, less fiber damage and stable process Controllable, high production efficiency. The picture is in the "extrusion die" this link.


Figure long glass fiber reinforced plastic process

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