LFT Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic LFRT

- Dec 26, 2017 -

LFRT, short for Long-fiber Reinforce Thermoplastic, is long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics. Long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics refers to reinforced thermoplastics with a length of greater than 3 mm. The fibers are arranged unidirectionally with the same length as the length of the pellets. The length of the reinforcing fibers of commercial long-staple reinforced thermoplastics is generally 6-25 mm. Thermoplastics using glass fibers as reinforcing fibers are called Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (LGFRT). The so-called long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics mainly refers to long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics.

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Product Features

LFRT - Long Glass Reinforced Thermoplastics - is definitely the best value for money when designing components that require high rigidity and high toughness.

Compared to commonly used short glass fiber reinforced plastics, long glass fiber reinforced plastic has tripled in flexural modulus, four times the impact strength and can be -30 ℃ environment unchanged. LFRT can meet the needs of a wide range of end users. Due to its high hardness, light weight, corrosion resistance, low cost and excellent workability, LFRT can be adapted to a variety of complex structures to make it an excellent alternative to metals.

Figure long glass fiber reinforced PA and short glass PA performance comparison chart

Compared with other types of reinforced materials, its outstanding performance mainly in the following areas:

● unique non-oriented fiber network structure so that the material under high and low temperature and high temperature alternating high-temperature environment, the retention of high mechanical properties;

● excellent impact resistance, high modulus, high strength, low warpage, similar to the metal thermal expansion coefficient;

● isotropic, low shrinkage, low creep, high dimensional stability;

● excellent wear resistance and fatigue resistance;

● excellent chemical resistance;

● excellent surface finish.

●  Excellent molding performance: high flow, easy mold release, low damage to the screw

Application areas

LFRT has been successfully used in the following industries:

Automobile industry:Front frame, body door panel module, instrument panel skeleton, cooling fan and frame, battery bracket, bumper skeleton, seat frame, engine cover, foot pedal, fender, spare tire rack and so on dozens of kinds.

Appliance industry:Washing machine drum, impeller, washing machine triangle brackets, air conditioning and other fans, used to fully replace the staple fiber enhanced PA, ABS materials or metal materials.

Electrical and mechanical industry:Diversion fan blades and motor filter cover, blades / coaxial cylinder Clutch aid / high bearing capacity, high lift submersible motor, water pump / thrust bearing, guide bearing / locomotive guide, vacuum pump, compressor rotor, coil shaft Wait.

Communication electronics industry:Communications, high-precision electronics industry connectors / ignition components, relay base / microwave oven coil frame, frame / electrical connectors, relays, solenoid valve package / scanner components.

Petrochemical:Anti-corrosion wear parts, platform grills, filters, reactor internals and so on.

Other:Electric tool housing, bicycle frame, skis, ground locomotive pedals, civil safety toe, safety helmet, pump housing and impeller and so on.

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