Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Cloth Is A Kind Of Fabric Woven With One - Way Carbon Fiber

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Unidirectional carbon fiber sheet (CFS) is to point to in one direction (usually by the) has a large amount of carbon fiber, only a small amount in the other direction and carbon fiber is usually fine, so all the strength in the same direction on a carbon fiber cloth.

1. Construction quality is easy to guarantee

Because the carbon fiber cloth is soft, even if the reinforcement is on the surface uneven object, also guaranteed 100% effective paste. If the paste surface has bubbles, the air can be easily used by injecting and pasting agent with syringe.

2. Convenient construction

No wet work, no large construction equipment, no on-site fixed facilities. Carbon fiber cloth can be arbitrary cut, simple construction and short working period.

3. Thin and light weight

After pasting, the weight of each square meter is less than 1.0kg (including glue weight), a layer of carbon fiber cloth is only 0.111 mm /0.167 mm, and it will not increase the weight and size of the body after the repair.

4. Wide application

Pasted carbon fiber reinforced concrete can be widely used in various types and shapes of concrete structures without changing the shape of the structure and not affecting the appearance of the structure.

Carbon fiber cloth has excellent physical and mechanical properties, tensile strength is higher than normal steel 7-10 times, elastic modulus is close to steel, and it is suitable for reinforcing reinforced concrete.

The high tensile strength of carbon fiber was presoaked with epoxy resin as composite reinforcement (one way continuous fiber). With epoxy resin adhesive tensile direction and perpendicular to the direction of crack and paste on to reinforcing structure, forming a new complex, make increase paste material together with the original reinforced concrete stress cracking or shear capacity of the structure, improve the structure strength, stiffness and crack resistance and extensibility.

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