Composite Fiber Has Excellent Shock Resistance And Shock Absorber Performance

- Sep 29, 2017 -

The preparation method of the aramid helmet (patent application no. : CN97115106.7) was recorded in the patent application filed in 1997 by the Beijing defense military technology development department. The technology USES a loop to run after the tape to hang glue of a merger with aramid cloth belt, after heat transfer the resin to form blank aramid cloth belt, multilayer billet stacked together forming mould pressure heating preparation into the helmet. In this process, the resin will not penetrate the aramid tissue, preventing the aramid from becoming brittle. This helmet has an anti-ballistic rate of 100% for the five - four pistols, which is better than the domestic GK80 steel helmet, and also has the advantage of light weight and comfortable wear.

In the new era, with the efforts of the researchers, the lightweight materials and preparation techniques used for military helmets are constantly emerging. As a patent (patent number: CN201210052047.3) provides an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene/nanometer ws2 composite fiber, fiber is introduced in classes with hollow spherical nested structure of fullerenes nanometer ws2, greatly improving the absorptive capacity of shock wave. This composite fiber has excellent impact and shock absorber performance, and the tensile strength reaches 2.3 GPa, which is very suitable for the preparation of bulletproof helmet. An application for a patent (patent number: CN201210078324.8) provides an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene/graphene composite fiber, graphene the high-strength materials are introduced to improve the fiber mechanical properties, tensile strength reached 2.5 GPa, tensile modulus of 130 GPa. In addition, on the fiber weaving process technology, an application for a patent (patent number: CN201210168408.0) to adopt advanced technology of multi axial warp knitting to weave high performance fiber, impact resistant material is suitable for the bulletproof helmets. Since there is no fabric to the technology of knitting yarn bending, is advantageous to the rapid spread of impact energy, improve the performance of fabric layers, bundled yarn to make energy in a single plane and vertical spread in both directions, effectively improve the shock resistance of fabric.

In addition to improving the performance of helmet materials, researchers at the university of defense science and technology have also designed a structural design to improve the bulletproof effect of bulletproof helmets. An application for a patent (patent number: CN201710341597. X) released an efficient bulletproof helmets, in setting the flexible parts and rigid inner external chip, shot the lateral compression flexible components deflection in the sheet, then place the sliced the bullet by penetration into oblique penetration the bullet is slippery splash, reduces the damage. In the development of the advanced helmet, Chinese military researchers have repeatedly used creative design to protect the lives of the PLA soldiers on the battlefield of stray bullets.

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