How To Apply The Carbon Fiber Cloth In The Beam Slab Reinforcement Works?

- Sep 29, 2017 -

In recent years, people on the structure of the growing requirements of safety, applicability and durability, and because of a variety of adverse factors, under all kinds of buildings, building security, decrease of brought potential threat to people's life and property, so the maintenance and reinforcement of existing buildings structure reinforcement aroused people's wide attention.

Commonly used in engineering at present, the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures strengthening methods mainly include: enlarged cross section method, the seismic reinforcement method, sticking steel strengthening hair, and so on, the reinforcement method in the practical engineering application more or less have some shortcomings, such as chemical corrosion, increase the weight of structure and contact is not easy to handle, difficult construction, etc. The reinforced concrete structure technology of CFRP reinforced reinforced concrete has been widely used in practical engineering as an emerging and high technology high building reinforcement method.

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