Lft-d Technology And Its Characteristics

- Sep 29, 2017 -

LFT fell, long fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials, English is LongFiber reinforced Thermoplastics, and is compared with the ordinary fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials, usually, fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials in the fiber length is less than 1 mm, LFT fell, the length of the fiber is generally greater than 2 mm, the processing technology, has been able to keep the fiber length in LFT fell over 5 mm. The long fiber is impregnated with a special resin system, which is fully infiltrated by the resin, and then cut into the required length according to the need. The most common matrix resin is PP, followed by PA, and also with PBT, PPS, SAN and other resins. Only different kinds of fiber are used for different resins to achieve better results. Depending on the ultimate purpose, the finished product can be long or ribbon, a certain width of the board, or even a rod, directly used to replace the thermosetting product.

LFT fell - D - ILC is called the Long Fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials online molding technology, English is a Long Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics - Direct processing - In LineCompounding. LFT fell - D is the long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials online directly in the production of products of a kind of technology, it is difference from GMT and LFT fell - G key factor is the intermediate steps are omitted, on the choice of material is also more flexible. In lft-d technology, not only fiber content and length, but also its matrix polymer can be directly adjusted to the final component requirements. By how much the dosage of additives can change the mechanical properties and impact products and special characteristics of the application materials, such as thermal stability, color, uv stability and caking characteristics of fiber and matrix, and it also means that each kind of special applications can be through the LFT fell - D material with its unique formula.

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