Long Glass Fiber And Short Glass Fiber - Reinforced Plastic Difference!

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Take nylon as an example, glass fiber reinforced polyamide, long glass fiber reinforced and short glass fiber reinforced two ways. The long glass fiber reinforced granule refers to the grain of the fiber unidirectional arrangement, whose fiber length is equal to the length of grain material, generally greater than 5mm. The main application of this material in the field of mechanical properties is higher than that of short cut glass fiber granules. Long glass fiber reinforced PA6 strength, modulus, impact resistance, creep resistance, fatigue resistance and wear-resistance and heat resistance, which are much higher than the short glass fiber reinforced PA6. Thus, the application space is further expanded, especially in aerospace, weapons and other fields.

The mechanical properties, electrical properties and thermal properties of long glass fiber reinforced PA6 were significantly higher than that of short glass fiber reinforced PA6. This is mainly due to the long fiber in the fiber end is less, filling performance is good,long fiber mixing in filling the mould in mutual entanglement, flip, and bend, and don't like short fiber blending arranged along the flow direction. Therefore, compared with the same molded parts of short fiber mix, long fiber mixture moulding products have higher level of homogenicity, better straightness and smaller finned. Fiber length is the most important factor in fiber reinforced composites, and long fiber has more obvious enhancement effect than short fiber.

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