What Is The Difference Between Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic And Short Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic?

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Long glass fiber reinforced plastic fibers longer: 6-25mm

More heat-resistant, better resistance to warping. To Lilongs of LFT-PP for example 

With good dimensional stability、 excellent fatigue resistance、small creep properties、small anisotropy、Low warpage deformation、excellent mechanical properties、especially the impact resistance、Good liquidity、thin-walled products to adapt to the current widely used in bumpers Dashboard、chassis cover、seat support plate and other automotive components; 

The difference between long staple and staple fiber is different length of glass fiber, staple fiber length is generally a few millimeters,However, the long fiber can reach a few centimeters, that is, it will be longer after forming, so the enhancing effect is more obvious.Its strength and toughness will be significantly improved, but the mold and process requirements are more stringent,The intersection of long fiber reinforced plastic injection molding should be designed larger, the purpose is to reduce the fiberglass breakage.Long fiber reinforcement will also bring the problem of warping, the surface quality is even worse;

Liquidity is even worse,Recently, long-staple fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) are relatively hot,There PP + LGF, PA + LGF, etc., of which PP + LGF more popular,But there are two different ways of granulation, one is to use wire and cable as glass fiber wrapped,One is glass fiber and resin dispersed bonding, long fiber reinforced granulation cut relatively long.

Difficulties for long-staple fiber is:The fluidity of the resin is better, the surface of the glass fiber should be activated to make it bond well with the resin;

Long fiber reinforced processing methods can be injection molding and molding, staple fiber reinforced plastic injection

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