Full Carbon Fiber Composite Material For The Burden Of The Subway

- Jun 19, 2018 -

Full carbon fiber composite material for the burden of the subway

According to the “China Youth Daily” report, the world’s first full carbon fiber composite metro vehicle body with completely independent intellectual property rights was successfully developed by China Railway Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CRRC”). So what is an all-carbon composite? What are the advantages of building a subway?


What is a full carbon fiber composite? According to reports from Guangming.com, carbon fiber (English name is Carbon Fiber) is a black special inorganic polymer fiber composed of carbon. The commonly used carbon fiber composite material is mainly composed of carbon fiber and thermosetting resin and has insoluble and infusible characteristics.

Compared with traditional materials, what are the advantages of building subways with all-carbon fiber composite materials? According to Xinhuanet, the use of all-carbon fiber composite materials can be designed with strong features and can be integrally molded. By using one-piece molding, the body can maximize The integration of components is realized, and the dimensional and form-position deviation caused by welding deformation of the traditional metal body are avoided, and the dimensional precision and appearance quality of the body are improved.

In addition, technical experts of CRRC Chevron said in an interview with Xinhua.com that the entire carbon fiber composite material has a lightweight, energy-saving, and long-life characteristics, and adopts a thin-walled tubular overall load-bearing structure. The metal body weight of the metro is about 35%, which can effectively increase the carrying capacity, reduce energy consumption and use costs, and reduce the wear on the subway lines.

In addition to building subways, all-carbon fiber composite materials are also used in China's first electric-powered light sport aircraft, the Ruixiang two-seater electric aircraft. According to "Science and Technology Daily" report, this lightweight sport aircraft adopts an all-carbon fiber composite material structure and is environmentally friendly, non-polluting, safe and comfortable, easy to operate, and has low operating costs. The successful development of this aircraft marks China's light electric The field of aircraft has reached the international advanced level.

It is believed that with the continuous breakthrough of science and technology, all-carbon fiber composite materials will have more applications in various fields.

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