LFT-G® Long Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Replaces Traditional Glass Nylon 6

- Jun 20, 2018 -

LFT-G® Long Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Replaces Traditional Glass nylon 6

PP (polypropylene) is one of the common plastic materials. It has large output and low price. It also has excellent comprehensive performance, good chemical stability, and good molding processability. However, the disadvantages such as low PP strength, low operating temperature, low hardness, and poor resistance to low temperature impact strength have severely limited the application fields. Therefore, engineers added glass fiber, calcium carbonate, and other reinforcing materials to PP, and when the length of glass fiber exceeds the critical size, the mechanical properties are greatly improved!

In this context, LFT-PP (long fiber reinforced PP) came into being. At present, LFT-PP has been widely used in automobiles, baby carriages, power tools, home appliances and water treatment components.


This is a part of a stroller that replaces ordinary short glass nylon by long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene.

Long glass fiber reinforced pp at 120 °C high temperature fatigue strength is ordinary glass fiber reinforced pp 2 times, even higher than the glass fiber reinforced nylon 10% known for heat resistance, so this material is required as a structural durability And reliability. Long glass fiber reinforced pp has better warpage resistance than short glass fiber reinforced pp.

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