Long Fiberglass LFT Material: the New Trend of Plastic Substitution Steel

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Due to the metal is not suitable for forming complex shapes, limiting its application in many fields, the cost is relatively high. Therefore, the use of long fiberglass LFT material injection molding, not only can overcome the above shortcomings, but also to meet the required strength of the product to replace the steel to become a new trend.

Long fiberglass LFT materials can be divided into LFT-PP, LFT-PA , LFT-TPU, LFT-PBT, LFT-PPA, LFT-PPS and so on according to the different substrates.

Long fiberglass LFT material injection molding glass fiber length retention rate, good distribution of glass fiber, glass fiber as a reinforcing skeleton throughout the matrix resin, the product has high specific strength, high rigidity, high impact resistance, high dimensional stability, High temperature, low warpage, excellent creep resistance, and coefficient of thermal expansion comparable to metallic materials, LFT-PA materials are available on many occasions as replaceable metals.

LFT-PP material at 120 ℃ high temperature fatigue strength of ordinary glass fiber reinforced PP 2 times, even more than 10% higher than the heat-resistant glass fiber reinforced nylon, so this material has the durability required as a structural member Sexuality and reliability.

In general, long glass fiber materials and other materials compared to the following advantages:

1, Good dimensional stability

2, Excellent fatigue resistance

3, Smaller creep performance

4, Small anisotropy, low warpage deformation

5, Excellent mechanical properties, especially impact-resistant properties

6, Good liquidity, thin-walled products to adapt to processing

Long fiberglass LFT-PP materials are widely used in automotive, machinery, electronics, home appliances, sports and other fields.

Automotive industryInstrument skeleton plate, door assembly, front assembly, body door panel module, roof panel, seat frame, handle bar, battery bracket, tire frame, cooling fan and frame.

Mechanical and electricalPump housing, pump body and assembly, electrical tool housing and handle, mechanical drive connecting rod, bearing, locomotive guide rail, compressor rotor, coil shaft and so on.

Electronic appliancesPrinter fax machine shell, fan blades, low voltage electrical shell and inner bracket, electrical switch shell, computer outer bracket shell, TV back cover, washing machine inner barrel, electric iron handle and so on.

AppliancesWashing machine drum, impeller, washing machine triangle bracket, air conditioning guide fan.

Sports industryBicycle frame, snowboard, ground locomotive pedal, civil safety toe, safety helmet and so on.

LFT-G series of materials:

LFT-G  PP-LGF10-70  10%-70%Long Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene

LFT-G  PA6-LGF10-70 10%-70%Long Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6

LFT-G PA66-LGF10-70 10%-70%Long fiber reinforced Nylon 66

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