Long glass fiber reinforced polyamide​ high performance

- Dec 15, 2017 -

PA / LGF is the second largest category of LFRT on the market. As the nylon molding cycle is short, it is easy to cure, the dipping mold and pultrusion technology put forward higher requirements. PA material longer glass modification is relatively difficult, today's market, long fiberglass substrate or PP-based, so the past two years the new LFT-PA material can be said to be a big progress in the development of long glass. Xiao Bian to introduce the following specific introduction of the recent two years the new long-fiber PA material.

1.Long glass fiber reinforced polyamide high performance 

In 2017, Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co., Ltd. introduced long-glass fiber reinforced high performance polyamide 66 with PA66-NA-LGF40 and PA66-NA-LGF50 with glass content of 50% and 60% respectively. These materials are designed to withstand long-term loads or previously predominantly metal working environments, especially where the PA66 has reached its ultimate high temperature or hydrolytic stability.

According to Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co., ltd, the toughness of LFT-G products is good, showing notched impact strength and multi-axial impact strength of 35%, while retaining the material rigidity. The company also reported that LFT-G products show high performance retention rates under hot and wet conditions. LFT (Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics) technology increases stiffness by 10 to 15% at 23 ° C and 85% at 120 ° C compared to standard glass-fiber-reinforced high-performance polyamides.PA High performance.jpgFigure long glass fiber reinforced pa and staple fiber reinforced pa performance comparison


Figure car brake pedal bracket

From the above two materials, we can see that the introduction of long glass fiber PA material can provide more solutions for the "plastic instead of steel" lightweight technology to promote the application of new advances in engineering plastics.

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