Excellent LightWeight Composite Material: Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Long glass fiber reinforced plastic is an excellent lightweight composite material, easier than large-scale commercial use of carbon fiber composite materials, has been widely used in foreign countries for the manufacture of auto parts, the market size reached one hundred billion level.


Long glass fiber is a good choice for lightweight materials

Light weight, high strength glass fiber

Glass fiber is an excellent performance of inorganic non-metallic materials, has a high mechanical strength, shock absorption capacity, heat resistance and other advantages. The glass fiber reinforced plastic refers to the glass fiber reinforced, its strength is equivalent to steel, but also has the glass fiber corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, electrical insulation and other characteristics, is commonly known as "glass."。


Different materials weight comparison (g / cm3)

Long fiberglass performance is more superior

Follow the length of the plastic particles and the length of the glass fiber,A short glass fiber reinforced plastic and long glass fiber reinforced plastic points,Long glass fiber reinforced plastic because of its longer glass fiber length, and the arrangement of more regular, so have more rigidity, strength, creep resistance, fatigue resistance and stability.


Long, short glass fiber reinforced plastic contrast performance

In addition, glass fiber reinforced plastics can be classified into thermoplastic (LFT) and thermosetting reinforced plastics (SMC) according to their processing properties. Among them, thermoplastic materials not only have the advantages of light weight, high utilization of raw materials, but also are more environmentally friendly and have greater advantages.


Thermoplastic / Thermoset Comparison

Therefore, long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (LFT) are the most prominent materials for automotive applications.

Long glass fiber reinforced plastic automotive applications

Glass fiber in automotive lightweight materials obvious advantages

Car "lightweight"is to ensure the stability of the body based on the use of special materials instead of steel to achieve the purpose of weight loss. The glass fiber reinforced composites are more mature and the most common type of application, compared to other materials in the weight loss and cost advantages are also more.


The long glass fiber reinforced plastic used in the automotive industry is widely used in the manufacturing of front-end modules, chassis, enclosures, dashboards and other components.

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