LFT's main application area

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic material (LFT) has been used in the automotive industry in semi-structural applications. Their main advantages are attractive cost/performance ratios and relatively low densities. The legislation of the European ELV (end of life vehicle) promotes the development of this material, which promotes the recirculation and thus promotes the substitution of thermoplastic materials for thermosetting materials.

LFT fell in automobile industry is mainly used to make structure and half structure components, such as front-end module, bumper beam, dashboard skeleton, battery bracket, a spare tire capsule, seat frames, pedals and the whole floor, etc. Long fiber reinforced polypropylene is used in the car hood, dashboard skeleton, battery tray, seat frames, car front-end module, bumpers, luggage rack, prepare the placenta, fender, fan blades, engine, chassis, car roof rack, etc.; Long fiber reinforced PA, is further extended to the hood, because LFT fell - PA not only high hardness, low weight, make its thermal expansion coefficient and high glass fiber content is almost the same as the metal, can withstand the heat engine.

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