The processing technology of LFT fell

- Sep 29, 2017 -

LFT fell - D - ILC is called the Long Fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials online molding technology, English is a Long Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics - Direct processing - In the Line of Compounding.Machining process as shown.This process, the online mixing system integration in the molding process, the matrix particles and additives to be delivered to the feeding unit weight analysis combination, the unit according to the requirements of the parts and mechanical properties to ensure moderate mix.Usually, colorants, antioxidants, heat stabilizers and crosslinking agent can provide a suitable formula.Melting compounds through a die head directly into the mixing extruder openings (double screw).This is the place where to join glass roving.

In order to reduce the interaction of roving spools are in special design of the roving frame.Every piece of roving through the guidance of a special plastic pipes respectively, avoid friction and electrostatic repulsion.Each of the roving all by a sensor monitoring.

Roving through tubes were added to a preheating device, they are spread out in the heat of the rod.High temperature should not be to prevent the glass fiber is damaged.Through a specially designed interface, fiber into the mixing extrusion molding machine to form in the molten polymer orientation arrangement.

Mixing machine is a corotating, cross and self-cleaning device, suction in 26 d (26 x diameter), vacuum assisted or under atmospheric pressure.Additive can take advantage of a lateral feeding equipment in 14 d to join.Extrusion pressure is about 40 ~ 60 (4 ~ 6 MPa), depends on the polymer melt flow index (MFI).

Mixing extrusion molding machine continuously supply plastic raw material, under the molding temperature, the seam type block extrusion molding materials to a fully automated conveyor belt.Conveyor belt is covered by a heating channel to prevent extrusion block molding material surface temperature drop.When catch block molding material is processed manipulator, heating channels open.

Block molding material to be delivered to the pressure molding equipment, the equipment to complete the work of BMC and SMC process, if you need further processing, into the next process.

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