Outlook of LFT fell

- Sep 29, 2017 -

LFT's application in automobiles is increasing rapidly. Direct technology, such as lft-d/ILC technology with online matching, shows the highest growth rate. In addition to economic attractiveness, their main advantage is that the material can be mixed with flexibility. Continuous variable fiber content, different types of fiber, and engineering plastics, open up potential applications.

In order to meet the component requirements of the semi-structural components, the fabric reinforced materials for load-bearing parts can be integrated in the further development of lft-d/ILC technology, which is called special LFT. The prototype components show that enhanced special LFT parts are an important choice for metal/polymer mixed structures.

The realization of external car body plate made by using the painless thin film forming (PFM) process opened a new market for LFT. Basf, Dieffenbacher and Fraunhofer Institut Fur Chemische Technologie have studied the compound of smooth surface film and styrene copolymer (e.g. ABS, SAN) base LFT.

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