Zhongwei Chemical Fiber To Create Nylon 66 Special Fiber New Products

- Jul 07, 2018 -

Recently, Hebi City Zhongwei Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. revealed that the nylon 66 special fiber developed by the company for the production of automotive airbag wire and military parachute cloth is popular in the international market. Nylon 66 special fiber looks very slender, but can withstand 20 kilocalories for 20 years without breaking. At present, Zhongwei Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metals and Chemistry, China Academy of Railway Sciences, has successfully mastered the core production technology of high-temperature resistant high-speed rail special modified plastics and other products. In the near future, the production of nylon 66 modified engineering plastics will be applied to the construction of high-speed rail in Moscow-Kazan section, completely solving the problems of easy corrosion and easy fracture of iron materials in railway, subway and light rail construction.

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