Fiber-reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Have Great Potential

- Jul 07, 2018 -

Thermoplastic composites specialist at Polystrand, Englewood, CO, developed a GT-Lite racing car designed to highlight the use of thermoplastic composites in automotive components. On May 28-29, at the Pueblo Racing Park in Pueblo, Colorado, the American Racing Club (SCCA) hosted a heroic race racing competition, along with the sprint and the awards ceremony. At the end, the third racing week of this car was successfully completed.

Polystrand considers this to be the first car to feature a continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (nylon) composite as the primary suspension spring. Polystrand's chairman said: "Although thermoplastics have been used in automobiles for decades, we believe that the use of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites for primary suspension springs is still the industry's first initiative. Thermoplastic composites are easy to process, cost-effective and recyclable, so we believe that it will be a potential alternative to current materials and have great potential in automotive lightweight applications."

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