To get good quality carbon fiber, you need to pay attention to the technical points

- Sep 29, 2017 -

(1) the primary task of the preparation of high performance carbon fiber is to achieve high purity, high strengthening, densification and surface gloss. Carbon fiber systems engineering needs to start with the polymer monomer. The quality of raw silk determines the nature of carbon fiber and restricts its production cost. High quality PAN raw silk is the primary prerequisite for the manufacture of high performance carbon fiber.

(2) the minimal impurity defect, which is the fundamental measure to improve the tensile strength of carbon fiber, is also a hot topic in the research of science and technology workers. In a sense, the process of increasing intensity is essentially the process of reducing and reducing defects.

(3) in the preoxidation process, the preoxidation time can be shortened as long as the homogenization is ensured. This is the direction issue that reduces production cost.

(4) study of high temperature technology and high temperature equipment and related important components. Is in commonly 1300 to 1300 ℃ high temperature carbonization temperature, the graphitization is in commonly 2500 to 2500 ℃. At such a high temperature, it is important to study the new generation of high-temperature technology and high-temperature equipment, so it is necessary to continuously operate and improve the life of the equipment. Such as microwave, plasma and induction heating in inert gas protection and anaerobic conditions.

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