Carbon fiber is classified according to source

- Sep 29, 2017 -

It can be divided into polyacrylonitrile base carbon fiber, asphalt base carbon fiber, viscose base carbon fiber, phenolic base carbon fiber, gas phase growth carbon fiber. The performance can be divided into general type, high strength, medium and high model, high model and ultra-high model carbon fiber. It is divided into filament, short staple and short cut fiber. The mechanical performance is divided into general and high performance. The strength of the universal carbon fiber is 1000 megabits and the modulus is about 100G. High performance carbon fiber is divided into high strength (strength 2000 mpa, modulus 250G pa) and high model (modulus 300G pa). The strength is greater than 4000 mpa is also known as super strong type; The modulus greater than 450G is called supermodel. With the development of aerospace and aviation industry, high - strength high - strength carbon fiber has also appeared, with an extension rate of more than 2%. The largest amount of use is PAN - based carbon fiber. More than 90% of carbon fiber in the market is dominated by PAN - based carbon fiber. Due to the mystery of the carbon fiber is not fully opened, people can not directly to making with carbon or graphite, can only use some organic carbon fiber (e.g., nylon yarn, acrylic yarn, rayon, etc.) as raw material, blend of organic fiber and plastic resin carbonized made carbon fiber.

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