LFT compares with other materials

- Sep 29, 2017 -

1. Comparison of LFT and short glass fiber reinforced plastic

Compared with the traditional short glass fiber reinforced plastic, have special screw, die head and the cutter design and infiltration agent formula of LFT fell technology can get more than 12 mm material grain sheet, fiber length and material grain length, let the glass fiber in the final products have a long glass fiber length. General of short fiber reinforced, after the screw, injection port, cavity flow within the three process, the length of the fiber falling sharply, fiber average length of the final products is less than 1 mm, so the help of the mechanical properties of the products is very limited, and LFT fell technology, no matter what mold or injection molding, the ultimate test products in glass fiber average length of not less than 4 mm, thus greatly improving the mechanical properties of the product. Compared with the structural components of short fiber reinforced, anti-impact, creep resistance and thermal performance are better.

2. Comparison between LFT and metal

Compared to metal materials, LFT fell material and very low density and high specific strength, products processing method is flexible, material recovery rate is high, compared with the material cost is low, parts of functional and high integrity, LFT fell parts processing equipment such as extrusion machine, injection, or press, stiletto installation equipment, mould, impact than expensive metal equipment and mould, the cost is very low, especially not in production quantities of vehicles, LFT fell more reflects the excellent efficiency. Therefore, compared with the steel structure, LFT reduces the weight of the product much, and has the performance of the parts combined, which can reduce the cost.

3. LFT compares with GMT

LFT fell sheet is the GMT (glass fiber mat reinforced thermoplastics) sheet of the new generation of thermoplastic composite materials, it is a long glass fiber reinforced material, with polypropylene (PP), PA, PET, compounded as matrix material.

LFT sheet is compared with CMT sheet, its outstanding advantages are:

1. The sheet material is more liquid during the suppression process.

2. Low price of sheet material.

3. The performance of the material is basically the same as GMT.

The company will provide LFT sheet material with high impact performance model for the customer if the customer has high resistance to the impact of the material.

4. LFT compares with SMC

The product manufacturing process of LFT sheet is very similar to that of SMC in thermosetting composite glass steel. It is also made of sheet metal in the mould. LFT is the cold press in the mould after

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