Glassfiber Reinforced Polyamide 66

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Glassfiber Reinforced Polyamide 66

  • Refractoriness: 200-450°C

  • Apparent Density: 1.25-1.35 g/cm3

  • Color: All kinds of color

  • Raw Material: PA66 GF25 Granules

  • Technical Performance: GB/T 23615.1-2009

  • Life: More Than 40 Years

  • Origin: Xiamen,Fujian, China

  • Material: Polyamide66 Reinforced 25%Glass Fiber

  • Usage: Interior Tiles, Insulation, Aluminum Windows&Doors

  • Application: for Thermal Break Aluminum Profile

  • Certificates: SGS

  • UV Resistance: Yes

  • Trademark: LFT-G?

  • Specification: Glassfiber Reinforced Polyamide 66 PA66 GF25

  • HS Code: 3926909090

Product Description

Production Description
Over the years, polyamide heat-insulation strip has been widely used in glass curtain walls due to its good properties and low cost. Especially Polyamide 66 reinforced by 25% glass fiber thermal break strips, they are inserted into aluminum window, door and facade profile for thermal insulation.


The shape I thermal barrier polyamide strip can prevent the window frame from dust and water, has a better mechanical performance, is the first generation and easiest shape of insulating strips.
For the shape I, we can provide the following size or customize according to customers' requirements.

1.Effectively increased thermal in the system property insulation.
2.Reduces condensation on the window.
3.Sound insulated.
4.Improve comfort and living condition.
5.Possible double color coatings provide better aesthetic effect.
6.Various shapes will be designed for the customer's requirements.
7.The working temperature of the thermal insulation strip is 220°C, Melting Point reaches to 246°C. This enables coating process after assembly of composite profiles.
8.High corrosion-resistance, weather-resistance, heat-resistance, alkali-resistance and long life of usage.
9.linear thermal dilation coefficient almost identical to that of aluminium profiles.

LFT-G? PA66 GF25 thermal barrier strips Performance Table

NO.  ItemUnitGB/T 23615.1-2009HC-Technical specification
   Material Properties
2Linear expansion coefficientK-1(2.3-3.5)×10-5(2.3-3.5)×10-5
3Vicat softening temperatureoC≥230oC≥233oC
4Melting point(0.45MPa)oC≥240≥240
5Testing for tensile cracks-No cracksNo cracks
6Shore hardness-80±580-85
7Impact strength(Unnotched)KJ/m2≥35≥38
8Tensile strength(longitudinal)MPa≥80a≥82a
9Elasticity modulusMPa≥4500≥4550
10Elongation at break%≥2.5≥2.6
11Tensile strength(transverse)MPa≥70a≥70a
12High temperature tensile strength(transverse)MPa≥45a≥47a
13Low temperature tensile strength(transverse)MPa≥80a≥81a
14Water resistance tensile strength(transverse)MPa≥35a≥35a
15Aging resistance tensile strength(transverse)MPa≥50a≥50a

1.Sample water content less than 0.2% by weight.
2.Norm laboratory condition:(23±2)oC and (50±10)% relative humidity.
3.The specifications marked with "a" only applies to I-shape strip otherwise, the specifications concluded between supplier and buyer through consultation, shall be written in contract or purchase order.
Storage Conditions
The strips will be stored in the ventilated and dry environment, horizontally placed, paying attention to waterproof, keeping away from the heat source, avoiding heavy pressure and the contact with acid, alkali as well as organic solvent.

We have the production capacity of 100000 meters per day. For common specifications, they're ready in stock, and will be shipped in 7-15 working days after payment.  

For all specifications/shapes, they could be packaged in linear, the length will be 6 meters, or customized.
For the Shape "I", "C", and some simple shapes, they can be packed in rolls. 400-600 meters/roll.

Our Service
1. Expertise in the production of standard polyamide thermal break strips.
2. Respect customers' needs, provide customized products, try best to satisfy customers' requirements.
3. Fast service and on-time delivery 
4. Strict quality control system, each production process will be strictly supervised by us. 
5.We can provide all products on the insulation strip production line and the technical support.

Our Company

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