What Are The Biggest Advantages Of CFRP?

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Carbon fiber cloth as the automobile material, the biggest advantage is the quality light, the intensity is big, the weight is equal to the steel 20 ~ 30%, hardness is steel more than 10 times. Boeing has launched a new generation of high-speed wide-body aircraft, the sonic cruiser, with about 60 percent of its structural components made of reinforced carbon-fiber composite materials.

China's self-developed carbon fiber composite material brake prefabricated parts, its performance has reached the foreign level comprehensively. Adopted by the fabrication technology of preparation of the domestic carbon/carbon brake disk has batch key types of military aircraft equipment in national defence, and used on B757-200 passenger aircraft, on the other models used in the experiments, and we will send the tanks, high-speed train, limousine and car use.

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