LFT-G® Provides Solutions For Gun Customers

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Recently, polymers have become increasingly popular in the firearms market. 

Mingyuan Ji, president of LFT-G, said that only a few design engineers understand the capabilities of plastics in gun production.


To provide solutions to gun customers, LFT-G leverages its expertise in high performance markets such as unusual downhole oil and gas for temperature and pressure. The company's main product categories are specialty polyamides, fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced composites, long glass and long carbon fiber reinforced composites.


In the nylon sector, the company is a leading developer of new materials to replace conventional glass-filled polyamide (PA) 66, primarily as the standard holder of the gun industry facing performance limitations. LFT-G introduces resins such as short glass fiber PA 6/12 and polyphthalamide (PPA) with low hygroscopicity and high modulus. For example, in spray gun assemblies, these types of materials play an important role by providing resistance to dry and humid environments where conventional nylon lacks stability. The company also introduced polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and polyetheretherketone (PEEK) materials for high temperature parts and long fiber reinforced composites to address the impact and creep properties of short fiber reinforced nylon 66.

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