LFT-G® Major Trends In The Development Of Plastics Modification Technology

- Jun 27, 2018 -

LFT-G® major trends in the development of plastics modification technology

(A) The plastic application direction is undergoing profound changes

1. The main areas are changing from the electronic and electrical fields to the automobile manufacturing field

2. The tendency of high-performance engineering plastics to replace metal materials is even more obvious

3. The application range of plastic matrix composites is rapidly expanding

4, the supply side of the reform of high-performance plastics need to continuously enhance

5. Deep changes have taken place in the development of new materials under the National Strategy of Military and Civil Integration and the Army's National Strategy


(B) New Trends in the Development of Plastic Modification Technology

1. Physical blending to diversification modification

2. The emergence of new equipment technology promotes the development of the modified industry

3, the integration of processing and forming gave birth to the profound changes in the modified industry

4. The dependence on new modifiers and related additives continues to deepen

5. Application of special engineering plastics to promote the development of its modified technology

6, the prospect of clean production technology

7. Unprecedented attention to the development of recycling technologies

(C) New Directions for the Development of Plastic Modification Technology

1. Long Fiber Reinforced (LFT) Technology

2, no spray material technology

3, micro-foam material technology

4, low VOC and low odor materials

5, charging pile material

6, drone lightweight materials

7. New materials for VR and smart home

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