LFT-G® Customize A Unique Material

- Jul 06, 2018 -

LFT-G® customize a unique material:long carbon fiber reinforced PA66 resin. It provides high modulus, excellent creep resistance and strength without affecting the impact resistance of short carbon fibers. This is achieved through the use of long carbon fibers and a unique combination of impact modification. Standard long glass reinforced resins do not provide sufficient strength.

long carbon fiber reinforced pa66.jpg


In another collaborative case, the new material significantly improved the appearance of the surface and reduced cycle time and warpage of thick parts such as the molding stress typically experienced in rifle stocks. Molding machines typically require very high mold temperatures to improve the appearance of the resin surface, which is detrimental to cycle times.


The latest innovation from LFT-G® is the custom new long fiber technology. These have been widely used in magazines and helmet parts, such as rails. The portfolio also includes a full line of short glass reinforced nylon, as well as impact and non-impact PA66 and PA6 in a variety of colors such as desert tan and flat black soil.

LFT-G® will focus on a wide range of high performance thermoplastics that provide high strength, heat resistance and dimensional stability for a wide range of gun applications, including storage, magazines, receivers, rails and a variety of other applications.


LFT-G® differs from competitors in the supply of materials, focusing on challenging performance and aesthetic requirements, while offering a range of unique formulations that utilize carbon fiber, long glass fibers and other modified packaging. LFT-G's material library and custom composite capabilities open a design window for gun manufacturers. The ability to provide higher strength and thermal properties further complicates the possibility of plastics replacing metals.


The product line of Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co., Ltd. addresses the increasingly challenging needs of firearms manufacturers who are reducing costs without sacrificing demanding application performance. We work closely with our customers to leverage our material knowledg

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