I Want To Buy Continuity Long Glass Fiber Reinforced PP

- Dec 29, 2017 -

30% Long glass fiber reinforced PP

 (LFT-PP-30LGF) 40% Long glass fiber reinforced PP (LFT-PP-40LGF) 50% Long glass fiber reinforced PP LFT-PA6-30LGF) 40% long glass fiber reinforced PA6 (LFT-PA6-40LGF) 30% long glass fiber reinforced PA66 (LFT-PA66-30LGF) 40% Long glass fiber reinforced PA66 (LFT-PA66-50LGF)


 full name is a long fiber reinforced thermoplastic material, using a injection molding process that melt impregnates the fiber with the matrix resin to maximize performance. Long glass fiber reinforcement provides this composite with increased stiffness, strength, and durability. This composites mechanical properties allow its use in a wide range of applications across multiple market segments as a lightweight replacement for metals or as an engineered substitute for other materials.


The proportion of long-staple fiber PP is 20% lighter than nylon PA, 62% lighter than aluminum alloy. The advantage of 20% lighter weight is that the same volume of long-staple PP product can be 20% lighter than nylon, and the same weight of long-staple PP material can produce 20% more than nylon. Long-fiber PP alternative nylon plus fiber advantage is most obvious. Its outstanding performance mainly in the following areas:

_ The unique non-oriented fiber network structure allows the material to maintain high mechanical properties under high and low temperature conditions and high, low temperature and high frequency alternating environment;

The LFT PA6 gf30 black with flame retardant V0 is suitable for the washing machine drum ,pump impeller, various terminals, electric tool housing, etc. And automotive parts, such as car battery bracket, car dashboard frame, automobile battery shell,car interior parts; Also suitable for high iron fittings: high iron table, high iron chair, etc . 

_Excellent impact resistance, high modulus, high strength, low warpage, similar to metal thermal expansion coefficient;

Isotropic, low shrinkage, low creep, high dimensional stability

_ Excellent wear resistance and fatigue resistance;

_ Excellent chemical resistance;

_ Excellent surface finish;

_ Excellent molding performance: high flow, easy stripping, low damage to the screw.

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