Development Trend Of International Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PP-LGF

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene material with high strength, high rigidity, good impact strength, creep resistance and dimensional stability and other characteristics, and yield, low cost, and good fluidity, are widely used in automobiles Parts processing. Coupled with the car lightweight process, the demand for long-fiberglass material has also gradually increased, as the most widely used long fiberglass PP material abroad, what are the new developments? Take a look Xiaobian finishing related information.

1. Trinseo Austria the world's first 85% glass fiber reinforced polymer

In October 2016, Trinseo's polymer technology brought a new generation of plastic structural component applications to automotive manufacturers, ENLITE ™ PP-LGF (Long Glass fiber Reinforced Polypropylene). ENLITE ™ LGF 1851 is the world's first long glass reinforced polypropylene with 85% long glass. This product saves customers 10% of the cost compared to traditional PP-LGF with 20% or 30%.

ENLITE ™ structural polymer products are developed for use in dashboards, door modules, front-end modules, tail doors and other internal and semi-structural applications that require balanced dimensional stability, heat resistance and weight optimization.


2. Borouge and Borealis Launch High-Flow Material Long Glass Fiber Materials

For automotive applications in hybrid and pure electric powertrains, Borouge and Borealis have released the new Daplen ™ (TPO) reinforced modified PP and Fibremod ™ glass fiber reinforced modified PP. Of these, Fibremod ™ GB416LF, 40% long glass filled, is a highly fluid material that meets both emission requirements and mechanical performance standards. Its excellent surface texture makes it suitable for use in exterior parts such as tail doors. In addition to being lightweight, Avoid surface coating.


3. Celanese LFT-PP injection molding front-end module by the SPE "Body Exterior" category award

The front-end module "with active intake grille" injection-molded by Shape Corp. using Celanese Celstran 40-20 Black LFT-PP material won the "Bodywork Exterior" category award: it was applied to 2016 Ford The SuperDuty pickup features an all-composite design without metal reinforcement and is the first AGS-injection molded LFT-PP front-end module (FEM) mount for heavy duty pickup platforms, It can reduce the weight of each car 1.4kg, saving $ 3USD costs.

Celanese 2016 K launch Celstran high liquidity LFT

Celstran High Flow LFT is Celanese's first 60% long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene and is one of the most advanced long fiber thermoplastic series. This highly fluid new product helps moldmakers and designers to develop thinner (wall thickness 1.0-1.5mm), lighter (20% lighter) and more efficient parts with unit cost savings of double digits Any wall thickness less than 2mm, at the same time need high strength products ideal. Beginning in the third quarter of 2016, Celanese Nanjing plant can start supplying 60% of its high-flow Celstran® resin.

4. SABIC long glass fiber reinforced PP for dashboard won the SPE Automotive Innovation Award nomination

November 19, 2016 STAMAX's long glass fiber reinforced PP molded SABIC's dashboard of the 2017 Lincoln Continental has the thinnest deep-drawn injection molded substrates (1.9mm thick) in the North American market, while the thickness of similar substrates using microporous technology 2.4 mm, 14% weight loss, cost savings of $ 1 per part. This application was nominated for Automotive Innovation 2016 by the American Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).


On May 18, 2017, Chery, the Chinese automaker, successfully reduced the weight of its newly introduced eQ1 electric tailgate interior structure by 40% thanks to SABIC's long glass fiber reinforced PP from plastic manufacturer.

SABIC's STAMAX ™ resin is long glass fiber filled polypropylene (LGFPP). Compared with steel, this low-density material can reduce the weight of the tailgate while achieving the required stiffness.


Figure eQ1 electric tailgate, the picture from the official website

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