Long Glass Fiber Filled PBT Plastic Raw Material

Long Glass Fiber Filled PBT Plastic Raw Material

Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,Ltd is a unique long fiber reinforced thermoplastics plastic manufacture. Our material have following properties. 1.Improved impact 2.Safer impact mode 3.Reduced warpage 4.Improved creep resistance

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Long Glass Fiber filled  PBT Plastic Raw Material


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◆Higher fiber aspect ratio results in more robust performance

Long fiber's superior transfer of stress increases toughness withoutcompromising strength or stiffness performance


The pyrolysis and fire behavior of glass‐fiber reinforced poly(butylene terephthalate) (PBT/GF) with two different metal phosphinates as flame retardants in combination with and without melamine cyanurate (MC) were analyzed by means of thermogravimetry, thermogravimetry coupled with infrared spectroscopy, flammability, and cone calorimeter tests as well as scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive X‐ray spectroscopy and X‐ray fluorescence spectroscopy. In PBT/GF, dosages of 13–20% of the halogen‐free flame retardant aluminum phosphinate or aluminum phosphinate in combination with MC fulfill the requirements for electrical engineering and electronics applications (UL 94 = V‐0; LOI > 42%), whereas the use of the same amount of zinc phosphinate or zinc phosphinate in combination with MC does not improve the fire behavior satisfactorily (UL 94 = HB; LOI = 27–28%). The performance under forced flaming conditions (cone calorimeter) is quite similar for both of the metal phosphinates. The use of aluminum and zinc salts results in similar flame inhibition predominantly due to the release of the phosphinate compounds in the gas phase. Both metal phosphinates and MC interact with the polymer changing the decomposition characteristics. However, part of the zinc phosphinate vaporizes as a complete molecule. Because of the different decomposition behavior of the metal salts, only the aluminum phosphinate results in a small amount of thermally stable carbonaceous char. In particular, the aluminum phosphinate‐terephthalate formed is more stable than the zinc phosphinate‐terephthalate. The small amount of char has a crucial effect on the thermal properties and mechanical stability of the residue and thus the flammability.

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Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,ltd is the only do long fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials company, our team has 20 comprehensive knowledge, is committed to the long fiber technology applied to new application and market, especially the need of high-performance engineering or long carbon fiber reinforced polymer materials' these are all about filaments, and use them to achieve your performance requirements