20% Long Carbon Fiber Reinforced PA 66

Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,Ltd is a unique long fiber reinforced thermoplastics plastic manufacture.
Our material have following properties.
1.Improved impact
2.Safer impact mode
3.Reduced warpage
4.Improved creep resistance

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20% long carbon fiber reinforced PA 66

1. Product Introduction of the 20% long carbon fiber reinforced PA 66

20% long carbon fiber reinforced PA 66 is the nylon 66 raw material as the base material to join the carbon fiber and the formation of the product. It has been widely used in space tools. PA 66, whose name is the six carbon atoms of its own diamine and adipate. In the polymer chain, hexaminic and adipate alternate, so unlike other polymers (such as proteins), the direction of the amide is alternated in nylon. The structure of PA 66 is shown in the figure: through hydrogen bonding between hydrogen and oxygen, PA 66 is easily crystallized. The crystal structure of PA 66 is shown below:


2. Product Specification of the 20% long carbon fiber reinforced PA 66

1.Model Number: 20% long carbon fiber reinforced PA 66

2.Filler: long carbon fiber

3.Color: custom colors

4.Process method: Injection molding

5.Packing:25kg/bag(also customizable)


3. Product Feature of the 20% long carbon fiber reinforced PA 66

1. High strength, high rigidity, impact resistance, high flatness

2. High mechanical strength High tensile strength High impact resistance Chemical resistance

3. Self-lubricating high toughness high

4. Excellent oil resistance, high mechanical strength, low temperature performance, self-extinguishing, easy processing molding

4. Production flow


5. Range of application

It applies to airplane parts, such as main wing, short cabin, etc

191422.png  191421.png  191423.png

6. Company information

Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co.,Ltd is guided by ISO:9001 2015 certified quality management system, which will include the strong, stronger and lighter advantages of long fiber reinforced technology into new applications and markets, and create better products.