60% Long Carbon Fiber Reinforced PP

Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,Ltd is a unique long fiber reinforced thermoplastics plastic manufacture.
Our material have following properties.
1.Improved impact
2.Safer impact mode
3.Reduced warpage
4.Improved creep resistance

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60% long carbon fiber reinforced PP

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1. Product Introduction of the 60% long carbon fiber reinforced PP

60% long carbon fiber reinforced PP is a product formed by adding carbon fiber to PP as base material. It has high gloss, high rigidity, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance to anti-oxidation and so on. It is widely used in automobile parts, electric tools and home appliances.

2. Product Specification of the 60% long carbon fiber reinforced PP

1.Model Number: 60% long carbon fiber reinforced PP

2.Filler: long carbon fiber

3.Color: custom colors

4.Process method: Injection molding

5.Packing:25kg/bag(also customizable)


3. Product Feature of the 60% long carbon fiber reinforced PP

1. Retardant, wear-resistant anti-static, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, insulation, small density, high strength, good stiffness, high hardness, high heat and low temperature

2. Anti-scratch, high transparency, high gloss, high rigidity, anti-moisture anti-acid and alkali anti-dissolved, anti-oxidation, high mobility toughness, high lubrication

3. Low friction and sealing electrical properties of high-frequency insulation odorless non-toxic steam disinfection size stability

4. Production flow

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5. Range of application

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6. Company information

Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co.,Ltd ,Focusing on modified plastic 60% long carbon fiber reinforced PP for more than 10 years. For the best quality and reasonable price, 60% long carbon fiber reinforced PP.

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