PPS granule with 40% Long Fiber-Glass Filler

- Jun 08, 2018 -

PPS granule with 40% Fiber-Glass Filler

Basic Info

  • Brand:LFT-G

Product Description

PPS granule with 40% Long Fiber-Glass Filler is one of glass-reinforced PPS products that our company produced, It is processed though adding glass fiber on the basis of PPS resin. Inherent properties of PPS that determine the utility of PPS resins and compounds include good mechanical properties, high creep resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, flame resistance, chemical resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, arc resistance, low mold shrinkage, easy processing good dimensional stability, and radiation resistance. 

Owing to its excellent properties, PPS LGF40 is widely used in space aviation, chemical, electronic appliances, mechanical, automobile, railway fields etc., PPS can be used to make elements where high strength, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation are all-important in aviation. It is also used for chemical resistance parts, chemical resistance valve electrical insulation components, precise appliance sockets, high hardness outer covering, and high temperature resistance connectors. It can be used to make vaporizer, distributor, ignition and braking systems, slide block, electrical magnetic valve, wheel, and impeller, curl machine, coffee pot.

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