Plastic tail door promote the long glass fiber reinforced PP market

- Jun 09, 2018 -

Benefit of PP LGF plastic tail door50% Long Glass Fiber Reinforced PA 6.png

The inner panel of the plastic fulltail door uses long glass fiber reinforced PP (LGF+PP), and the outer plate and spoiler use PP or TPO. The parts are all molded by injection molding and then assembled using a glue coating process.

The difference in stiffness modulus between long glass fiber reinforced PP and SMC materials is not too large (according to different glass fiber ratios, the effect will be very different, and some low-component glass fiber reinforced PP pieces are still “soft” on the sensory surface. ), but the density is smaller than that of SMC. Generally, the density of SMC material applied to the tail gate is around 1.8. The same proportion of glass fiber reinforced PP+LGF density is generally around 1.5, which is approximately 1.3 kg. Less dosage of PP+LGF material additive has advantages in the detection of VOC; injection molding process is more efficient than the compression molding process.

In short, the full plastic tailgate not only has a better weight reduction effect, but also can save production costs and reduce VOCs.

The development of Plastic tail door in recent years 50% Long Glass Fiber Reinforced PA 6.png

●In 2012, Renault’s new Clio was the first to use a fully plastic plastic tailgate with an inner plate of LGF-PP, an outer plate of PP and a spoiler of ABS. In the pre-research phase of the project, Renault set a target of 10% weight reduction and easy recovery. To achieve this goal, material supplier Styron Styron (now renamed Trinseo Shengao) researched and developed with Reynolds for two years, and eventually developed a mass-produced plastic tailgate. The inner panel, outer panel and spoiler are all Trinseo materials.

                 PP LGF Plastic tail door.png

                                   Renault’s new Clio

●At the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Nissan released its third-generation X-trail, carrying the plastic tailgate developed by Magna for a total net weight of 24 kilograms. "The new car back door outer panel will be entirely made of TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), which is exclusively supplied by Lyondell

            Nissan released its third-generation X-trail.png

                              Nissan released its third-generation X-trail

●In 2014 BMW i3 uses the plastic tail door developed by Magna.

            BMW i3 .JPG

                                          BMW i3 

●2017 Chery eQ1 electric car tailgate, then the application of SABIC polyolefin material (long glass fiber reinforced PP). Scott Fallon, SABIC's global head of automotive business, said: "This is Chery's first tailgate made entirely of plastics, and the first plastic tailgate for domestic automakers. We are very pleased to contribute to mass production, and we also thank Chery and its first-tier supplier Wuhu Hangxin actively cooperate."


Plastic tail door .JPG

Chery eQ1 electric car tail door


plastic tail door


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