Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS Plastics

Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,Ltd is a unique long fiber reinforced thermoplastics plastic manufacture. Our polyphenylene sulfide pps plastics have following properties. 1.Excellent chemical resistance
2.High strength
3.High temperature performance
4.Improved creep resistance

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 Polyphenylene sulfide pps plastics


                    LFT-G® PPS Plastics LGF30

Product Details

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● Model NO.: LFT-PPS-NA-LGF30  ● Material: Polyphenylene sulfide          plastics 
● Packaging : 20kg/bag ● Color : brown color 
● Shape : Granules/pellets
● Feature:Excellent chemical resistance,High temperature performance, High modulus when reinforced.
● Applications:Widely used in aerospace, chemical, electronic appliances, machinery, automobile railroads and other industries to produce high-strength,                   high-temperature, insulation, high-performance requirements of the                   aviation industry devices.

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LFT-G® PPS Plastics LGF30

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LFT-G® PPS Plastics LGF30

Long Fiber's Benefit

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   –Function of fiber rigidity&content percentage

   –Design characteristics(ribs&gussets)also increase component stiffness 

   –Extend polymer thermal capabilties(HDT or DTUL)

● Strength

   –Fiber content percentage provides stepped approach to increasing strength

   Fiber alignment perpendicular to stress forces yields better performance                   

● Toughness/Durability

   –The higher aspect ratio of the reinforcement in long fiber composites facilitates          more efficient energy transfer between the fiber and polymer upon impact and              dissipates those forces throughout the composite structure instead of localizing          them in one area.

   –suitable for applications that experience repeated impact forces but need to retain      their shape without permanent deformation or deterioration of function.            

   –Their sound and vibration dampening capabilities are also increased by superior          energy dissipation.

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Polyphenylene sulfide applications

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polyphenylene sulfide pps plastics grade PPS lgf30,30% Long glass fiber reinforced PPS has high strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties,This composite’s mechanical properties allow its use in a wide range of applications across multiple market segments as a lightweight replacement for metals or as an engineered substitute for other materials.

 LFT® Exhibition

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LFT-G® Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,Ltd is one of the professional injection molding long fiber reinforced thermoplastics resin manufacturers,Our companyXiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,ltd"attended the  exhibition of CHINAPLAS 2018 ,LFT-G® won the high recognition of customers with new products, many exhibitors and our staff members in-depth communication at the booth to understand the relevant data and other materials, etc.

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