PP Gf 30 LFT-G®

PP Gf 30 LFT-G®

Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,Ltd is a unique long fiber reinforced thermoplastics plastic manufacture.
Our material have following properties.
1.Improved impact
2.Safer impact mode
3.Reduced warpage
4.Improved creep resistance

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PP Gf 30 LFT-G®

Long Fiber's Uniqueness

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More Long fiber benefits

▲ Mass reduction / lightweighting

-Promote portability, increase energy efficiency,reduce user fatigue

-Strength-to-weight ratio to displace traditional material (metals)

-More robust material = less material use (thinner wall sections)

▲ Cyclical fatigue endurance

▲ Vibration and sound dampening

▲ Dimensional stability

-Better creep resistance (cold flow)

-Consistency in holding tolerances

-Low coefficient of thermal expansion

-Uniform & predictable shrink, less anisotropic than fiber fillers

-Less prone to warp from differential cooling

-Minimize sink in heavy wall sections

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Product Details

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PP / Polypropylene 

Product Name                                 LFT-PP-NA-LGF30

Appearance                                     Natural Pellet

Fiber Type                                       Long Glass Fiber

ItemTypical CharacteristicUnitTesting Standard
Glass Fiber Content
Specific Gravity1.12g/cm3ASTM D-792
Molding Shrinkage0.10-0.30%---ASTM D-955(1/8 in (3.2mm) section)
Tensile Strength107MPaASTM D-638
Tensile Modulus6895MPaASTM D-638
Tensile Elongation2.0-3.0%---ASTM D-638
Flexural Strength165MPaASTM D-790
Flexural Modulus6343MPaASTM D-790
Notched Izod Impact214J/mASTM D-256
Un-Notched Izod Impact801J/mASTM D-4812
Deflection Temperature149ASTM D-648
Flame Retardant
HB @ 1.5 mm---ASTM D63
                                        General Processing For Injection Moulding
Injection Pressure
69 - 103 MPaMelt Temperature210 - 249 ℃
Mould Temperature38 - 77 ℃Pre-drying4 hrs @ 82 ℃
Moisture Content0.02 %Dew Point- 29 ℃


This information is intended to be used only as a guideline for designers and processors of modified thermoplastics. Because design and processing is complex, a set solution will not solve all problems. Observation on a “trial and error” basis may be required to achieve desired results.

Application Range

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Packing & Shipping

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LFT Certification

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Our Team

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Our advantagePP Gf 30.png

Full scale of customized material and color matching service

▲The most suitable,precise and alternative material solutions suggestion

▲costing down,the most competitive price based on good and suitable quality

▲Quickest delivery period according to customers requirement

FAQPP Gf 30.png

Q1:May I have your sample first?

A1:Sure, we will offer you several meters free sample to check our quality,?but you should pay the shipping for that. 

Q2:What is your shipping way? How much should I pay ?

A2:To make sure all the buyers could get the parcel in time and safely?most of our parcels ?are sent by ?  DHL, FedEx ,UPS.?Different shipping way is different price,please tell me which way do you want, so I can quote you the shipping cost. 

Q3:How does your company do regarding quality control?

A3:We have our own QC term to control quality of material, production process and finished products.And our Engineering also will test material with some testing machines

Q4:How do I get in touch with you?

A4:E-mail,WhatsAPP, Skype,Facebook,Linkedin all 24 hours service.

Q5: About Quality

A5:The quality standard refers to the sample.