LFT Pellet Polypropylene Long Glass Fiber Filled PP

LFT Pellet Polypropylene Long Glass Fiber Filled PP

Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,Ltd is a unique long fiber reinforced thermoplastics plastic manufacture.
Our material have following properties.
1.Improved impact
2.Safer impact mode
3.Reduced warpage
4.Improved creep resistance

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LFT Pellet PP Long Glass Fiber Filled Polypropylene


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◆Higher fiber aspect ratio results in more robust performance

Long fiber's superior transfer of stress increases toughness withoutcompromising strength or stiffness performance

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 ◆ Pyrolysis of the plastic to reveal the internal fibrous structure of the injection.

 –The inner frame fiber network is formed by the long fiber alignment and interweaving.

 –The retention of details shows the structural characteristics of these elements.

Product NameLFT Pellet pp long glass fiber filled polypropylene
Product model
MaterialPolypropylene / PP
ItemPolypropylene LGF


This information is intended to be used only as a guideline for designers and processors of modified thermoplastics. Because design and processing is complex, a set solution will not solve all problems. Observation on a “trial and error” basis may be required to achieve desired results.


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  We can customize the material as per your request to supply the suitable quality.

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