High-strength Lightweight New Materials Such As Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials Will Become Hot Pets

- Jul 04, 2018 -

High-strength lightweight new materials such as carbon fiber reinforced composite materials will become hot pets

How to choose between lightweight and security? In fact, both can have both. However, over the years, car companies have been caught in a dilemma in order to meet these needs: some car companies focus on lightweight (reducing greenhouse gas emissions), and other car companies focus on vehicle safety (using thicker components, The former is the opposite.)

In 2018, a new generation of materials will be used at a faster rate. These materials are lighter in weight and safer, and are designed to meet increasingly stringent vehicle safety and CO2 emissions regulations. Materials such as aluminum and high-strength steel will become the standard materials for vehicles. The strength and safety of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials are higher. This material is currently used in sports cars and will be applied to more other types of vehicles in the future. This type of carbon fiber sheet is composed of a hard braided layer, almost made of pure carbon fiber, and bonded by a hard plastic binder such as epoxy resin.

With the increase in CFRP R&D investment, its cost will fall in the future: this new material is expensive. A recent study by Goldman Sachs about the 2025 automotive industry (Cars 2025) reveals that carbon fiber reinforced composites are currently 40 times more expensive than regular steel. In addition, the material has many requirements for professional production skills and equipment.

However, many developers are working with European universities to develop new plastic and carbon fiber sheet materials. With the accelerated application of this material in conventional vehicles, the cost of high-strength steel and aluminum may drop significantly, and eventually the cost of carbon fiber reinforced composites will also decrease with the emergence of new production methods.

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