30% Long Glass Fiber Reinforced PP

Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,Ltd is a unique long fiber reinforced thermoplastics plastic manufacture.
Our material have following properties.
1.Improved impact
2.Safer impact mode
3.Reduced warpage
4.Improved creep resistance

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30% long glass fiber reinforced PP


1. Product Introduction of the 30% long glass fiber reinforced PP

Because metal is not suitable for forming complex shapes, limiting its use in many parts, which also hinders the cost of decline. In contrast, the use of 30% long glass fiber reinforced plastic injection molding can overcome the above shortcomings. So set off a "plastic on behalf of the steel" trend: 30% long glass fiber reinforced PP alternative metal into a new car materials.

30% long glass fiber reinforced PP is a long fiber reinforced polypropylene material, specially designed mold impregnated PP matrix resin, the resin is fully impregnated into the material after the length of a certain length of particles.


2. Product Specification of the 30% long glass fiber reinforced PP

1. Model Number: 30% long glass fiber reinforced PP

2. Filler: long glass fiber

3. Color: custom colors

4. Process method: Injection molding

5. Packing:25kg/bag(also customizable)


3. Product Feature of the 30% long glass fiber reinforced PP

1.It can effectively improve the rigidity of products, impact strength, creep resistance and dimensional stability

2.Long-term heat resisdence.The high temperature fatigue strength at 120°C is twice that of ordinary glass fiber reinforced PP, even 10% higher than that of fiberglass reinforced nylon, known as heat resistance, so that this material has the durability and reliability required as a structural member

3.Better anti-warping,excellent fatigue resistance,Anisotropy is small

4.Excellent mechanical properties, especially impact resistance

4. Production flow


5. Range of application

PP1582.png PP1581.png PP1583.png

6.Company information

Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co.,Ltd ,Focusing on modified plastic 30% long glass fiber reinforced PP for more than 10 years. For the best quality and reasonable price, 30% long glass fiber reinforced PP.


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