50% Long Glass Fiber Reinforced PA 6

Xiamen LFT Composite Plastic Co.,Ltd is a unique long fiber reinforced thermoplastics plastic manufacture.
Our material have following properties.
1.Improved impact
2.Safer impact mode
3.Reduced warpage
4.Improved creep resistance

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50% long glass fiber reinforced PA 6


1. Product Introduction of the 50% long glass fiber reinforced PA 6

50% long glass fiber reinforced PA 6 is a combination of PA 6 and 50%long glass fiber.PA 6 can be modified using comonomers or stabilizers during polymerization to introduce new chain end or functional groups, which changes the reactivity and chemical properties. It's often done to change its dyeability or flame retardance. PA 6 is synthesized by ring-opening polymerization of caprolactam. Caprolactam has 6 carbons, hence 'PA 6'. When caprolactam is heated at about 533 K in an inert atmosphere of nitrogen for about 4-5 hours, the ring breaks and undergoes polymerization. Then the molten mass is passed through spinnerets to form fibres of PA 6.During polymerization, the amide bond within each caprolactam molecule is broken, with the active groups on each side re-forming two new bonds as the monomer becomes part of the polymer backbone. Unlike PA 66, in which the direction of the amide bond reverses at each bond, all PA 6 amide bonds lie in the same direction.

2. Product Specification of the 50% long glass fiber reinforced PA 6

1.Model Number: 50% long glass fiber reinforced PA 6

2.Filler: long glass fiber

3.Color: custom colors

4.Process method: Injection molding

5.Packing:25kg/bag(also customizable)


3. Product Feature of the 50% long glass fiber reinforced PA 6

1. long fiber reinforced PP products can replace PA6, PA66 part of the product, while hygroscopicity is much better than PA products

2. Excellent coloration, perfect surface appearance, can be applied to complex structure forming

3. Good machinability, excellent fluidity and thermal stability make the material processing condition more relaxed, make the injection molding part miniaturization

4. Excellent strength and durability, excellent rigidity and heat resistance


4. Production flow


5. Range of application

50% long glass fiber reinforced PA 6 has good strength, heat resistance, excellent impact resistance, good dimensional stability and low warping property. Therefore, it is suitable for various terminals, miniature transformer spools, computer connector switch socket components and so on.

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Company information

Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co.,Ltd is focused on long fiber reinforced composites, for those unfamiliar with the use of fiber reinforced composite material instead of metal or other traditional materials company, we have the ability to help you from concept to production.